ATIMA (Agile Toolkit for Incisive Microbial Analyses) is a stand-alone tool for analyzing and visualizing microbiome data sets. Developed by the Center for Metagenomics and Microbiome Research, this software provides an integrated solution for exploring relationships between microbial communities and emergent properties of their hosts or environments. Through this web portal, you may to upload biom files and generate interactive plots visualizing trends in alpha diversity, beta diversity, and taxa abundances through customizable box plots, PCoA ordinations, and heatmaps. Statistical annotations are added to denote significant correlations with metadata, enabling quick assessment of many variables. Generated data and figures can be exported as Excel-compatible spreadsheets and publication quality PDFs. These features promote in-depth interrogation of microbial communities by researchers across a wide range of expertise.

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Rarefaction Depth

ATIMA is licensed under the Open Source AGPL v3, © 2021 Center for Metagenomics and Microbiome Research. Source code will be available upon upon public software release
Though every effort has been made to ensure accurate graphical and statistical output, no guarantees are made that ATIMA is error-free. Users should independently confirm all software output.
This is alpha software, and will not store your dataset between sessions. Always keep a backup of your data.
ATIMA is powered by The R Project for Statistical Computing, Shiny, ShinyProxy, and NGINX.